I used to just consider myself shy or introverted, I figure most people with social anxiety do. And I’m definitely not the kind of person who likes to use over-diagnosed mental disorders to excuse her behavior. But at some point you just gotta admit you got some issues.

Anyway, I’ve been working in retail sporadically ever since I turned 18, and working in retail you have to learn to fake it. So I developed what I call a ‘Retail Face’, and I just think it’s really funny because when I was younger I would 100% of the time rather write to communicate with people than talk to them face to face. And now I’ve gotten to this point where the idea of any form of communication gives me a stomachache, but I know I can fake it face-to-face, because I’ve been doing it for near a decade now. So the situation has just completely flipped on me, and I only just recently realized it.

Anyway, so I’m going to a Writer’s Conference in June, in Arkansas (where my sister lives, so I save on a hotel.) And I’m sitting here thinking to myself that I’ll do better building connections face to face than I have with writing. It’s such a total switch that I couldn’t help laughing when I noticed myself thinking it.

There are people I work with who actually think I’m extroverted and bubbly and junk. HA!

Anyway, back to the Writer’s Conference.

So I’m trying to get as prepared as possible, since isn’t an opportunity I can expect very often (They’re not exactly cheap, you know?) So I have this monster list of things I’m gonna do to get ready, and number one on the list is changing the beginning of Energy. I know the book is good, I don’t doubt that at all, but I’ve been worried for a little while that the beginning doesn’t hook people like it needs to. And then I came up with an alternate opening and mentioned it to my sister and she was like “Oh, holy crap, that is GENIUS.” And I figure that is probably a good indication to do it. XP

As soon as it’s finished I’ll be replacing the version available everywhere, so stay tuned ^.^

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