I have no idea how to introduce these anymore. I’m just like, hey, look…DOODLES! I made a thing, lookit!!!

106 - doodle1

Yeah, there’s only one special doodle this time, sorry. (I was running out of room!!) This is a little drawing of Katie’s first fully functional invention, which I seem to have added just a teensy bit early. You see Katie making plans for this at the end of episode 6, but you won’t get to see it in action until episode 7. Rudy dubs it the ‘Voodoo Witchcraft Box’, and the captions Katie has written in are “Voodoo Witchcraft Box has an idea!”, followed by “Villain Haircut targetting system 4 Death Ray” in the thought bubble. The other doodles are starting to fill up in the top left hand corner, as well ^.^

I’ll try and post more in the next few days, I have some ideas about behind the scenes info to post about. I’m just terrible about posting stuff. I’m forgetful, you know? And I never really got that whole thing about posting every second of your day, anyway… Like, who cares? I don’t want to take pictures of my food, I wanna EAT IT. Because it’s delicious. Generally.

Also, I don’t get out much.



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