Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the first Episode of Energy free?

A lot of writers give away a chapter or a percentage of the beginning of their book for free. (I think for the most part it’s meant to be a marketing ploy.) But because of the unique way I’m releasing Energy, a percentage wouldn’t really amount to much, and the closest thing I have to a chapter is the actual episode. And it’s really important to me that people know that the book is good. So I’ve released 101- Orientation for free, like a free sample, so everyone can get an idea of the story and if they like it. Although, to be perfectly honest, if left to my own devices I’d probably end up giving the whole thing away for free. (And end up broker than I already am!)

Why are you self-published?

Originally it was because of the unique way I wanted to release the IPS series books, but to be perfectly honest, part of it was my issues with rejection. And with all of the advances in self publishing, I figured it was perfectly reasonable to just take matters into my own hands. (There are a lot of reasonable arguments I had for myself to justify it, too, not least of which is lack of deadlines.) Only after doing all the leg work and formatting and posting and all that, I’ve completely changed my mind. Self publishing is still a great option for anyone who’s interested in that sort of thing, but it’s just not the kind of work I want to be doing.

I don’t want to be editing, and formatting, and drafting cover art, and posting, and trying to market, and just everything else that’s involved in self publishing properly. I just want to tell stories!!! So I’m in the process of finding myself a literary agent, so wish me luck!

Why is ‘Energy’ being released in episodes? Why not the whole book at once?

There are a bunch of reasons I decided to release it this way. The first was to trick myself into thinking I had more time to finish the next one, I could write the next one while Energy is still being released and feel like I’m going much faster than I actually am. Another was to try and maximize exposure. Since I’m an independent author with a sadly limited marketing budget, writing Energy in episodes gives me 10 or 11 chances to go around the internet screaming about my book. 10 or 11 times on the front page of a ‘Newest’ page, 10 or 11 press releases and facebook posts, and all without feeling like a nag. But another huge one, one that wasn’t part of my original justifications, but made me feel even better about my ‘Episode’ plan, was that a bunch of my friends (my ‘proofreading team’ as it were,) mentioning that they really liked the shorter episodes. It made it less intimidating to read than a full giant whopping book, and a lot of them wouldn’t even notice the two week gap between releases. Between work, errands, and life in general, a lot of them took nearly that long to read each episode anyway.

Ok, but why not make the whole thing available to begin with, too?

I’m getting that question for two different reasons. Either they want to read the whole thing all at once without having to wait (understandable) or think I could make a killing by offering the full book at double the cost until the episodes are finished releasing (sneaky, but also understandable)

There’s a couple of reasons why I’m not, though. The first is that I don’t really think it’s fair. People shouldn’t get to read the whole book before everyone else just because they have more money. And secondly (and a bit more importantly) that gives the rich people the added ability to ruin the story for everyone else. Like, how about some salt in that wound?

But most of all, there’s the problem of piracy. It’s not that I don’t expect it, and I do get it. Some people are just awful in general, and think they should get everything for free (and those people can bite me) and there are some people who aren’t awful at all, they just don’t have money. I’ve decided to be a writer, and books are one of those things that can (and will) be pirated. I certainly don’t encourage it, but I get it.

Side note, though, as someone who spent two years in computer repair, if you’ve decided to make a habit of pirating, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Run regular virus scans, and don’t download anything that looks dicey! Oh, and stop it. It’s a crappy thing to do.

But people pirating the episodes as they’re available is one thing. Getting the whole book is something else altogether. Then if someone were to pirate it, that’s just a double whammy. Not only did they not pay for it, but they also have that same ability to ruin the story for everyone else. And that’s just really not cool.

Well, I’m definitely not a pirate, and, in fact, think I should be giving you even MORE money. How can I do that?

Thank you so much, imaginary-person-who-never-actually-asked-me-such-an-awesome-question, and I would be overjoyed to tell you how! On the side-bar right over there is a ‘Donate’ button, where you can donate any amount. And if you donate $1 or more, I’ll send you an email with a coupon code to get the most recent episode of Energy for free!!

I’m not a pirate either, but I don’t have very much money. Is there a way I can help that doesn’t cost me anything?

There is ABSOLUTELY a way you can help! As a matter of fact, there are quite a few! Liking and (especially) Sharing my webpage and books is one really great way to help, or you could even just tell your friends about my webpage and books! Like out loud and to their face. That’s still a thing, right?

Another HUGE way you could help is by reviewing my books on my website and on other retailer’s sites. Episodes are always available here first, but I’m also having them distributed to most online retailers, like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple, Scribd, and Smashwords. Reviewing helps those poor people who haven’t heard of me or Energy yet know that it’s UNBEARABLY AWESOME. The more reviews I get, and the higher they are, the more people will check it out, which means more people who can geek out with you over it!

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