Last Tuesday my cat, Zero died.


My lap has felt distinctly empty since then, even though he’d been avoiding me for a while. (The popular opinion is that he was distancing himself because he knew he was dying.) He was big and fluffy and cuddly, and he was with me through some the hardest years in my life. I got in a good, long cuddle the night before he died, though. And he wasn’t alone, my mom was with him.

IMG_0883IMG_0321 IMG_0874IMG_0306

I still miss him. I probably will for a while. But, you know, as far as ‘Younger, Hotter Replacements’ go, I could probably do worse than Patch


She’s a kitten of one of the many, many stray cats that roam around outside. (We feed them a bit so they’ll stick around and hunt rats and mice and those OBNOXIOUSLY loud-assed frogs.) We thought her momma was a dude because she’s so aggressive, and also has markings like a mustache (we call her ‘stache) Her name, Patch, is short for ‘Soul Patch’ since she has a little dot on her chin. She’s the only calico of the bunch, as well as the only long-haired one. She won’t get in my lap yet, but at least she likes being petted. Hopefully it won’t be too long before she succumbs to Stockholm syndrome and lets me cuddle her.

*Short break to blow my nose and clean up tissues*

That’s enough depressing stuff for now. Onward to doodles!

107 - doodle1

Just the one again this time. The SUPAH TASTY cake doodle (you can tell it’s supah tasty because it has a cherry) is for the Cake Drew takes her out for to celebrate her first functioning invention. She had plenty of time to drool, too, since they kept getting interrupted by various villains.

But you guys…seriously….omg, you guys…I’m so excited. Because the next episode, Episode 8, y’all get to meet my FAVORITE CHARACTER IN THE ENTIRE BOOK.

Seriously, you guys.


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