So a good friend of mine introduced me to the pinnacle of badassery, Miss Sharon McCarthy, who supplements her career in said Badassery with writing. She was hilarious and assertive, and I’m pretty sure the first professional writer I’ve ever actually had a conversation with. And she was nice enough to gift me with some advices, not least of which the fact that I really need to reply to my rejections, and continue trying to sell myself.

Which, now that it’s been said, makes total sense, and why didn’t I think of that before? When you’re trying to sell something you don’t meekly shuffle away when they say no and close the door, you lodge your foot in that door and keep shouting your qualifications until they either give up and start listening, or crush your foot.

The only problem is that it’s so completely contrary to my nature, just the thought makes me start to sweat…Query letters to begin with are tough for me, initiating any kind of contact is tough because I’ve got issues with social anxiety. I manage it largely due to my extensive experience in retail. But to continue to make a nuisance of myself when they’ve already told me no is about as terrifying to me as, like, WalMart during peak shopping hours.

Nevertheless, I’m going to give it my best shot. The sad part is, though, after sending my “Rejection response” to a couple of people for review, apparently they like it better to be used as the first query!!! So I might mix the two together for the future query letters I send out…


Rejection response: 

Thank you again for your time, and I appreciate your response; however, I believe you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. I’m extremely confident in this story – not just Energy, but in both the installments planned for its series, Frequency and Vibration, as well as all five of the books I have planned which will belong to a separate series that continues in the same universe. I’ve heard from a number of people who’ve read this book (not just my mother, I learned that lesson already,) and they were all adamant about how much they enjoyed it. In fact, I believe every response can be best summed up as simply, “Where’s the next one??”

I believe that this series will fill a much-needed gap presently in the Young Adult Genre. The YA shelves are currently full to bursting with stories about post-apocalyptic worlds, various forms of contest, werewolves, vampires, witchcraft, and gritty reboots. Energy and it’s series is in sharp contrast to that. It’s clever and interesting, but very lighthearted (I have to physically stop myself from cracking a joke a minimum of once a paragraph,) set in a college-esque time-frame and area, featuring psychic powers and the science therein. (Of course, I would never think to fully exclude vampires and werewolves. They each get their own book in the five-part series that follows this.)

I understand how busy you must be, and how many queries you must get every day, however, I urge you to give Energy another look. I’ve included the ‘short synopsis’ I’ve written for each episode (or chapter, if you will), as well as the first chapter in the post script. Once again, thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.



K.T. Chambers

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