So my trip down to Arkansas was a lot more difficult than I’d anticipated. Like, seriously.

I’ve been down to visit my sister on quite a few occasions, but (due to money constraints) I always took the bus. Which, btw, I effing loathe the bus, omfg. Only since now I have a day job and had to take off from work to travel down there, I went ahead and got a plane ticket instead. A plane trip is shorter (in theory) and I didn’t want to waste two whole days of my vacation on travel.

Yeah, that was naive. I won’t bore you with my tales of woe, but needless to say my option of certain airlines have been irreparably damaged.

Moving on, the writer’s conference was very cool. Definitely not what I had expected, but very cool. I have to say, my confidence in my work has increased dramatically!! Both publishers (or, that is, the representatives of two different publishers) seemed very impressed/interested, which is a big ego boost. And then late on the first day everyone had an opportunity to read some of their writing, so I read the first scene of Energy – everyone laughed at all the right parts and quite a few people complimented me! And the people there weren’t even my target audience!

Aaaaand moving on from that, I’ve recently decided to do a project-y type thing with one of my best friends. I just made her an account for to also post on this blog, and she and I will be doing writing excersize-type things. We haven’t quite hammered out all the details, but basically there will be specific kinds of posts between the two of us that aren’t really news updates, just fun writing stuff.

We were gonna do a round robin style thing, but given how different our writing styles are likely to be, it would have to be about someone suffering from bi-polar disorder….(Which is still fully on the table, but I’d want to have someone who’s bi-polar in real life to consult about it, lol)

Anyway, keep an eye out for that ^.^

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