My best friend, Stacey, is getting married this Friday (Halloween, how cool is that?) and I’ve been invited to be a bridesmaid!! I’m leaving for Arizona tomorrow morning, and I’m suuuuper excited. Not so much for the wedding (everyone knows I’m not much for weddings) But I get to see Stacey again for the first time in, like, 5 years, and also I’ll be in a city that has Whataburger and Jamba Juice, and Jack in the Box, and Fogo de Chao, all of which I desperately miss! I said before, it’s a really good thing her wedding is happening right after I get there, because I won’t fit in my dress by the time I leave!!

And now it’s time once again to look upon mah doodlins’!!

109 - doodle1

So a little bit into this episode the gang mention Joanne freaking out earlier over the box they had been storing the silver they were cleaning up. She swore that it was glowing, but probably she was just a little loopy because of all the silver. Which, although I don’t really touch on it in the episode, effected Joanne and Adrian the most, and that’s because they’re empaths. Might go into more detail about that later.

And, also (for the first time in quite a few episodes) here is Doodle number 2!

109 - doodle2

This is clearly a key, although clearly an old-fashioned kind that no one really uses anymore. It’s like the Save icon being a floppy disk, and no one has used a floppy in like, 20 years. Anyway, the Key here represents Drew inviting Katie to move in with him. Does it mean she accepts? Guess you’ll just have to read it!!! *evil laugh*

Omg, you guys, can you believe there’s only one more episode to go?!

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