Seriously, y’all, you don’t even know, because I’m so, SO excited because I finally got to episode 8 and I get to show you my doodle of my FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER OMG YOU GUYS LOOKIT:

108 - doodle1

Beep Beep!!!

Ever since I decided to write Energy in ‘Episodes’ rather than chapters, I’d wanted to do a ‘Hangover’ episode! Smallville did it, Psych did it, and I think the Simspons even did it before the movie did! So damnit, I was gonna, too!

(Of course, this was much easier said than done. What did they actually do last night? Why did they do it? How do the find out the next day?)

And when I mentioned this to my sister, she told me that if I wanted to do a Hangover episode, it had to have some kind of crazy exotic animal. It’s a thing, it’s part of the formula, you wanna do a Hangover episode without a weird exotic animal? Are you crazy??? (Also, the Psych Hangover doesn’t count, Shawn is as good as any exotic animal.)

And so Joanne adopts (steals) A pet Ostrich from Drew’s ex-girlfriend, Valerie. His name (the one Joanne gave him) is Beep Beep, because he reminds her of the Roadrunner from old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

I remember not long after finishing up the first draft of Energy, Alyssa (<my sister) and I were talking about older books and how people read so much into them (most of which I hate to begin with. I’d rather rip my own fingernails out with pliers than try and slog through anything by Jane Austin. Ugh.) and what kinds of things people might try and over-analyze about my book in the future.

“What do you believe the significance is of the Ballet slippers worn by Beep Beep the ostrich? Is it a subtle homage to Disney’s Fantasia? Or is there some kind of deeper psychological meaning? Perhaps the ostrich is meant to represent Joanne herself? And the slippers, perhaps are symbolic of-”

And then I, after spinning in my grave so violently that I actually drill straight through the earth, would pop out of the floor of this pompous blowhard’s classroom as the world’s sexiest zombie, and cry, “Guys, I just thought it would be funny! What is wrong with you?!?”

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