Present and future

The I.P.S. series : Institute for Paranormal Studies

Welcome to the Institute for Paranormal Studies, the first school in America to provide courses in the newly discovered fields of Psychic Manipulation! Founded by Walter Everette, the worlds leading Telekinetic and Paranormal Researcher, IPS provides not only training in the various psychic abilities, but also instruction in the history of paranormal occurrences, and the studies and experiments being conducted today. You won’t need precognition to see everything the future has to offer at IPS!

Energy, the first book in the I.P.S. series,  follows the first semester of Katie Johnson and her friends, as well as a few villains, like the ‘Kinetics’ (the ‘popular kids’ of I.P.S.) and Katie’s step-mother, Mildred.

I.P.S. isn’t an official part of the ‘Spectrum’ series, but it exists in the same universe. I meant it to be a kind of prequel, to help ease readers into the psychic-saturated future that you get dropped right into with ‘Insight’ (more on that below.) I had read an article that explained a trope I had never given much thought to, the ‘straight man’ that is found in pretty much every science fiction story. Basically some kind of idiot or cave man that exists primarily to give the future-people a reason to explain everything. I.P.S. is supposed to be kind of the opposite of that. Katie, the main character and a compulsive A-student, is the one having to explain everything to everyone else. And with it being a college, it gave me an excellent setting to explain certain things, like the limitations of telekinesis and things like that.

The Spectrum Series

Insight is the first book in the Spectrum series, and is more or less on hold until the IPS Series is completed. This will be the third time I’ve written this one, and it looks absolutely NOTHING like how it started. (Thank goodness!!) To be fair, I was 16 when I first wrote it, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Insight will be following Kashala Gariel as she learns to control her unique power with the help of a scientist named Logan, and helps to track and bring a criminal to justice.

More titles planned for the spectrum series include:

  • Venom – A novel chronicling the youth of Kashala’s gaurdian and best friend, Vein
  • Origin – How Malcom and Walter met…where it all began
  • Time – Kasha will finally get some answers regarding the source of her unusual powers
  • Change – Not all scientific advancements are for the better


Short Stories

These are all ‘Novelette’ length or shorter (less than 17,500 words) written mostly for fun, but they also made for very good practice. Not just in writing, but also in the self-discipline in involved in keeping myself from editing my stories into oblivion.

Currently all of these shorts stories are Romances, not just fluff but also featuring very adult scenes, and they are unrelated to each other or any of my other works.

  • Cravings
  • Enough
  • Fool Me Once
  • Into The Fire
  • Out Of The Frying Pan

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