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Book 1 – Energy

Welcome to the Institute for Paranormal Studies, the first school in America to provide courses in the newly discovered fields of Psychic Manipulation! Founded by Walter Everette, the worlds leading Telekinetic and Paranormal Researcher, IPS provides not only training in the various psychic abilities, but also instruction in the history of paranormal occurrences, and the studies and experiments being conducted today. You won’t need precognition to see everything the future has to offer at IPS!

Telekinesis, elemental-kinesis, all the different kinds of ESP, Katie had been looking forward to studying them for years – Ever since they’d made the jump from science-fiction to science-fact. But there were some things about life at the Institute for Paranormal Study  that she’d never conjured up in her ten-plus years of daydreaming about it.

Bullies, for one thing. Because seriously, who would expect that kind of nonsense at a college? There were a few things that come to mind when you think of college; like toga parties and ingesting copious amounts of cheap alcohol, (or, if you were Katie, a huge library and quiet park benches where you could study.) But would swirlies make that list? No. No they would not.

Another thing never featured would be a tyrannical frog faced evil nazi clone of a professor…who shall remain nameless…who uses her tentative power to control and crush the will of innocent knowledge seeking students…who shall also remain nameless.

But the biggest curveball was her living arrangements. Did she get a swanky apartment with her best friend in which they get up to zany hijinks with hilarious outcomes? Nope. A cluttered dorm room covered in old pizza boxes, with a cranky roommate and a lumpy bed? Not a chance. A park bench she shares with a creepy homeless person and his flock of pigeon minions? She should be so lucky. No, due to various extraneous circumstances, she ended up saddled with her step-family. Her evangelical, anti-psychic extremist step-family.

Katie was certainly not a precog, but she was beginning to see a pattern…

And now it seems as if her school itself may be hitting a run of bad luck, too. One which it might not be able to bounce back from.

With Kinetics on one side, a nazi frog on the other, and a pitchfork wielding psychopath at her back, the only way Katie wanted to move was forward. For that, she needed IPS; and it seemed like IPS needed her, too.

101 – Orientation 

  • Katie loved her school, the Institute for Paranormal Studies, where she could finally learn about the blossoming field of Psychic Manipulation. But she could do without the tyrannical frog-faced professor, her narrow-minded step-family, and the bullying kinetics.
    She’d keep the super hot transfer from Greece.
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102 – It’s cool (I have soap)

  • Katie’s stepmother, Mildred, is less than thrilled about Katie’s new job. Katie is less than thrilled about the surprise blind date Mildred set up for her. Isobel is irritated with Drew’s interest in Katie, and Katie’s new boss, Rudy, just doesn’t know what to make of Joanne. At least Joanne seems happy. Did her date go well?
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103 – Just call me “Necessity”…MWAHAHAHA!

  • While visiting the registrar’s office to see about testing out of tyrannical Dr. Frog’s class, Katie overhears a conversation between the Dean of IPS, Miss. Yoshida, and its founder, Walter Everette. Are things really as bleak for the school as it sounds? And can Katie really help?
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104 – I’ll use my powers for good…-ish

  • To test out of Introduction to Paranormal Scientific Theory, Katie first needs the Professor’s permission. Which she, predictably, does not grant. As Katie goes on a frenzied cleaning spree at the garage to cope with her anxiety, Drew steps in to save the day.
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105 – Talk nerdy to me

  • Katie’s first invention fizzles, and Isobel, at the limit of her patience, coerces Drew into a trip to the mall. Katie is dragged along and witnesses a suspicious show of telekinetic ability from Isobel. That talent could be really helpful during her experiments, but how would she ever manage to get Isobel to help her?
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106 – Bon Guinea Pig

  • Isobel would never be caught dead doing a favor for Katie; luckily, it’s Drew she thinks she’s helping. But her excessive flirtation is putting a strain on Katie and Drew’s already tenuous relationship. When Isobel takes things a little too far, Drew isn’t even sort of prepared for Katie’s reaction.
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107 – Midterms

  • IT’S ALIVE! Katie’s most recent invention, the Psychic Lamp mark 3, is fully functional and freaking people out! Drew takes her out to celebrate, but their date gets crashed by the untimely arrival of his ex-girlfriend, Valerie. Katie isn’t in the least bit bothered, but Valerie certainly is, and she’s not the kind of girl you piss off.
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108 – All kinds of DUCK…plus an ostrich

  • Valerie’s car is trashed, Drew can’t find Katie, Katie can’t find her phone, Adrian is dressed like a priest, Joanne has a new pet, and Isobel is straight up missing. What on earth happened last night?! And why can’t they remember?
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109 – Is the honeymoon over?

  • Katie and her friends may not remember the explosion of her Psychic Lamp, but the aftermath would be pretty hard to forget. Now they have a considerable mess to clean up, and not just in the lab! Meanwhile, Mildred is preparing to stage an intervention for Katie.
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110 – Finals

  • It’s the day of the Pageant! Katie’s inventions are prepared, but she seems to be balking at the thought of presenting them. Both Drew and Katie’s parents are in town to see her present, and Drew and Rudy conspire to get her to the pageant. Will Walter Everette be impressed? Find out in this, the final episode of Energy!
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Book 2 – Frequency

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Book 3 – Vibration

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