Short Stories

These are (currently) all short romances, and they all feature content of an adult nature.

(I’d also like to just say, they were written for fun. There wasn’t much plot or character development involved when I was writing them.)


Bartending is probably not the best career for a recovering alcoholic, but it was never exactly Kat’s dream job. She’s far more concerned with her skeazy ex-boyfriend booty calling her after a night of binge drinking and idiocy. Even more concerned with the fact that she rarely turns him down. Between her ex trying to lure her back to the dark side, her crazy best friend Lisa who is trying her damndest to set her up with ANYONE other than her ex, and the mysterious but drop-dead gorgeous Scott who has started frequenting her bar, Kat isn’t even sure what she wants anymore.


Mark and Stacy were best friends growing up, but after an explosive fight in high school, they haven’t seen each other in nearly ten years. Until he runs into her as she’s about to meet his new boss for dinner. After so long, how can he tell her how he really feels? That he would be so much better for her than John Evans ever could?

Fool Me Once

Jen had to be the most gullible person on earth. At least, that was what her best friend, Sunny, firmly believed. On one hand she had Ben, who claims to have just been through a nasty divorce that lost him his two daughters, and on the other she has Jason, a logic-defyingly hot IRS agent who says Ben is FULL of it. Who should she trust?

Into The Fire

Bianca is a single mother with an asshole of an ex and a three month old daughter. She doesn’t have the time, energy, or inclination to nurture a new relationship when she’s not even fully divorced from her first mistake. But her friend, Anne, just won’t listen. And Adrian is just too good to be true.

Out Of The Frying Pan

After three years together, Alex is starting to realize that her fiancé, Brad, is kind of a tool. But apparently, one does not simply BREAK UP with a McCoulough. Between her ex-future-in-laws trying to shove etiquette down her throat, and her smoking hot boss’s increasing flirtation, how is Alex supposed to enjoy her Halloween?


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