The Spectrum Series

Insight is the first book in the Spectrum series, and is more or less on hold until the IPS Series is completed. This will be the third time I’ve written this one, and it looks absolutely NOTHING like how it started. (Thank goodness!!) To be fair, I was 16 when I first wrote it, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Insight will be following Kashala Gariel as she learns to control her unique power with the help of a scientist named Logan, and helps to track and bring a criminal to justice.

More titles planned for the spectrum series include:

  • Venom – A novel chronicling the youth of Kashala’s gaurdian and best friend, Vein
  • Origin – How Malcom and Walter met…where it all began
  • Time – Kasha will finally get some answers regarding the source of her unusual powers
  • Change – Not all scientific advancements are for the better

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