And now, the final doodle!!!

cover final

There wasn’t really any specific doodle for the final cover, just filling out all of the extras. But I thought it might be neat for y’all to be able to see the ‘Raw’ cover, without the title and my name getting in the way. If you click that pic you can see a close up of the entire cover, and all of it’s many, cluttered doodles. ^.^ Honestly, this was tough for me to do, since I’m not much of a doodler, but I absolutely love the result. And I can’t wait to start on the next one!!!

Anyways, this was a fun little project, but obviously it probably wont be the cover that it used on the shelf. It might be cool if they base it on this though, don’t you think? So far every ‘young adult’ that’s seen it has really liked it.

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